Forming a Research Plan for Little Eddy, Part II

Yesterday, I started making a research plan to find out more about Edward Dwyer’s service in the Civil War.  I wrote down what I know of Edward’s early life and his service in the Kansas and Missouri regiments in the Union Army as well as his 1866 entry in a Saint Louis city directory.  This leads me to many questions, which I am going to work on today.

Edward had just turned 15 when he enlisted in the 8th Regiment Kansas Volunteers, Company K,  and was mustered in as a private on 02 Jun 1862.  He was born in Saint Louis, Missouri, and lived there all his life; he was a resident of Saint Louis when he enlisted.  Why did he choose a Kansas regiment?  There were several officers from Saint Louis and Patrick Callahan enlisted the same day as Edward as a private, was promoted to musician and was discharged the same day as Edward.  What was their relationship?  How old was Patrick?  Did he lead Edward into this great adventure?  What did Jeremiah and Anna think of this?  Did they know?  Edward was a young-looking 15 if the photo is any indication.  According to a later muster and description roll when he was 17, he was only 4 feet 8 inches tall.  It is hard to believe that a recruiter would not have known that he was under age!

What information is available for Kansas volunteer regiments?

What happened when Edward and Patrick were discharged in Nashville on 04 Jun 1863?  Did they return to Saint Louis?

Did Edward enlist prior to 29 May 1864?  He would have just turned 17 the week before.  Was this a cut-off for joining?  Did Patrick join again with him, or what happened to him?

Edward’s Muster and Descriptive Roll lists his as plumber.  Did he learn this skill while he was (presumably) home between Jun 1863 and May 1864?

Would the signed order (S.O.) of General Canby exist anywhere?  What type of information would it contain?

Where did Edward go when he deserted?  How long was he gone?  What happened to his drum?  Did a sentence of General Court Martial result in anything other than the loss of pay?

Edward was only back with Company A about six weeks when he was mustered out.  Did he not have to serve the entire three-year period of his enlistment because the war had ended?

Finally, who was A.W. French and what was his relationship to Edward?  What is this card referring to?

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