About me

I feel very fortunate to be following in my mother’s footsteps in this great addiction of genealogy.  She has been interested in her family’s history since she was a child, and luckily had many discussions with her maternal grandfather.  She has always been the keeper of all-things-family, and has accepted the duty of helping many childless aunts, uncles and cousins when it was time for them to move and after their deaths.  She began the hunt with many trips to courthouses and libraries, letters to the editor in far-off newspapers, and correspondence with librarians, clerks and cousins.  She has taught me a lot and she continues with her research.

I have been adding to this work now for many years myself, and I have been able to use the amazing resources of the computer and the internet.  We live far apart but this has kept us very connected.  And isn’t that what genealogy is all about?  The connections.  I haven’t been called on to help aunts, uncles and cousins as my mother was.  But I try to honor them by creating memories of their lives.  They are all special to me, and I am loving this journey.





One thought on “About me

  1. I think you have a wonderful idea for a blog … and it’s lovely that your genealogy is a family affair. I will look forward to keeping up with 1 Foot Planted Firmly on the Ground!

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