Military Monday – Little Eddy the Drummer

Edward Dwyer, born 22 May 1847, enlisted in the 8th Regiment Kansas Volunteers, Company K,  and was mustered in as a private 02 Jun 1862.  He was barely 15 years old. Edward was born in Saint Louis and had lived there all his life so I wondered why he enlisted with the Kansas Volunteers to fight in the Civil War.  The table below shows that the captains and several other officers were also from St. Louis.

Edward was promoted to the rank of Musician.   He was mustered out 04 Jun 1863 in Nashville, Tennessee.  Patrick Callahan, also a resident of St. Louis, enlisted and was discharged on the same dates as Edward; he was also promoted to Musician — this is an avenue I definitely need to explore further.

Source:  Extracted from Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Kansas, Vol. 1. – 1861-1865.Leavenworth, Kansas: Bulletin Co-operative Printing Company, Chicago. 1867.  Eighth Regiment Kansas Volunteers – Infantry, Company K   [Note that I clipped pieces important to Edward’s service to create this table.]

The following, from the Wikipedia article 8th Regiment Kansas Volunteer Infantry, is a detailed service listing of Company K during the time Edward was with them.

1862.  Companies B, E, H, I and K moved from Leavenworth to Columbus, Ky., May 28-June 2, and to Union City, Tenn., June 8-11. To Trenton, Tenn., June 16-17. To Humboldt, Tenn., June 26, and to Corinth, Miss., July 2-3. Companies B, E, H, I, and K moved from Corinth, Miss., to Jacinto July 22, 1862, and to Eastport, Miss., August 3-5. March to Nashville, Tenn., August 18-September 4, thence to Louisville, Ky., in pursuit of Bragg September 11-26. Pursuit of Bragg into Kentucky October 1-16. Near Perryville October 6-7. Battle of Perryville October 8. Lancaster October 14. March to Nashville, Tenn., October 16-November 7. Reconnaissance toward Franklin December 9. Near Brentwood December 9. Assigned to provost duty at Nashville December 18, 1862 to June 9, 1863.

Edward’s 16th birthday was shortly before he was mustered out.  What more can be said than he had certainly had an eventful year.

It seems likely that this photo was from early in his Civil War service.  My daughter said that he looks like he is about five.  I think he could easily be mistaken for a little boy playing dress-up, playing at being a soldier in a war — not serving in the Civil War.

The photo is in the possession of a cousin who is a descendant of Edward’s half sister Cecilia Dwyer Weaver; Celia is a sister of my great grandmother Laura Dwyer French.  If you’d like to read more about Edward and his parents, see Mystery Monday – Jeremiah Dwyer, county Tipperary to Saint Louis, Missouri or select the Category “Dwyer” under “Surnames” in the drop down list to find additional posts on Jeremiah and on my great grandmother Anna Rooney Dwyer.

Next Monday I’ll continue Edward’s Civil War service with his enlistment in a Missouri regiment.

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