Why “1 Foot Planted Firmly on the Ground”?

He stood with both feet on the ground, looking out over his land before readying his family to leave the life they had forged here.  Slowly he raised one foot…

How many times did our ancestors do this?  I have several that moved from their relatively comfortable situations into the unknown on more than one occasion.  I also have several that stayed in the same county, even the same location, their entire lives.  In my own life, I have been the mover, and I often long for the steadiness, the connectedness, of the familiar.  That is one of the reasons I have been drawn to genealogy:  finding out about the lives of ancestors and family members in their diverse conditions, perhaps even living vicariously sometimes.

So what is the difference between living with both feet planted firmly on the ground, which connotes being realistic and practical, rooted, as it were, and living with only one foot planted?  Can it even be done?

Why did our ancestors uproot their families?  Restlessness?  Sometimes.  The hope of greener pastures?  Probably.  And in some cases conditions forced them to take this action — there was no choice.

Many times it was for economic reasons.  Similarly, in this time of economic change, the Great Recession as it has been called, many lives have been affected.  The magnitude varies greatly, and I don’t mean to take it lightly.  However, this is a genealogy blog – and I want to use it to talk about genealogy in the Recession, or any downturn in discretionary spending.

What changes have to be made in the way we accomplish our research, our communications and our writing?  What changes are there, perhaps, in the way we view history and the lives we are researching?

I hope to take this journey with you, talking about how the changes have and are affecting me, some of the tricks and tips that I am learning, and also telling of some of my finds.

And, I hope to hear from you.  Please leave a comment or e-mail me at 1footplanted@gmail.com


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