Evernote — a Great Organizational Tool

      Finding out about Evernote was another great thing that happened from one of Legacy’s webinars, this one the first I ever took, Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists, with Lisa Alzo.   She is a wonderful speaker and gives lots of good information and advice; I highly recommend your seeking her out.

     Evernote has changed my life.  I’m sure people say that about a lot of things (I probably do), but I am serious about Evernote.  This is a free program (with an upgrade available, of course) that lets you organize your life.  I am an organized person, but genealogy challenges that.  So much information of so many types on so many names, locations, events…
     I was guilty of the small scraps of paper that we all swear we won’t have.  And I often got so busy that I didn’t keep track of things (when, where, how, what still to do) the way I should.  And then there are those conversations with my parents, all the stories that I need to get down.  I was always going to do that sometime.
     Evernote has made it easier to do it now.
     When I hang up the phone with my parents, or end a Skype call, I go to Evernote and I type up the stories that we talked about.  I may not have all the details but I have most of them, and I can always ask for things I realize I didn’t quite remember, or understand.  It’s amazing how writing something down shows what we know — and what we don’t — about those family stories.
     So now I have all kinds of notebooks in Evernote.  My categories are still evolving.  I have journal entries where I talk about what I did that day, or my impressions of something, or what I want to do the next day.  I have all kinds of Genealogy notebooks:  Personal Stories, Searches, Software, Tips, To Dos, and even Wish Lists.
     My Tags are still evolving, too.  I think I probably have too many, but I’m sure that will work itself out.  At least I’m writing things down and I’m able to sort them in various ways — and I’m having fun with it.
     That’s one of the things I’m learning while I Survive the Recession:  you can still do genealogy and you can still have fun!
See evernote.com for information about this product.  Their symbol is an elephant and their catch phrase is “Remember everything.”

One thought on “Evernote — a Great Organizational Tool

  1. I also love Evernote. I use it to manage all the cool websites I find during my research. Especially those that I want to explore more at a later time. My husband and I also used Evernote to colloborate on a research project. I just had to share my notebook with him and he was able to view all my findings. Such a great tool!

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