Webinars: A Whole New World

I love webinars!  This has to be one of the best innovations that technology has brought to genealogy.  I didn’t really get into podcasts.  I know a lot of people love them, but for some reason, I just never took the time to get there.

But webinars are different for me.  My first exposure to webinars was through Ancestry.com.  I enjoyed several, but for some time it seemed that they had gotten few and far between.  I think that Ancestry is focusing more on facebook and other methods of communication with their target audience — and they definitely seem more geared to beginners.

So when I found Legacy webinars I was very happy.  I can’t believe that they provide so many wonderful topics, so much valuable information, and it’s free!

I took my first Legacy webinar March 30:  Digital Writing Tools for Genealogists, with Lisa Alzo.  It was amazing; she was amazing; there was a whole world out there that I hadn’t known about — and it was free!

These Legacy webinars are available almost weekly — if you haven’t looked into these, make sure you do.  They are definitely a find for anyone, but especially if you are Surviving in the Recession.

Here’s a link to Legacy’s list of webinars:  http://www.legacyfamilytree.com/webinars.asp


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