Finding just the right Blog Title

In my quest to fill up my Google Reader, I discovered a topic that I would like to blog about. Now I needed a title.  And as I discussed yesterday, that title is very important.

After going through Family Tree Magazine’s list of Top 40 Blogs, I wanted to add more blogs.  So I went to GeneaBloggers list of blogs — it says there are over 2500.  And I went through them all; well, I went through the list, but obviously I didn’t look at all 2500.  So what did I learn by that?

First of all, being at the top of the list helps.  This means starting with a number or the letter “a” or at least not too far down the alphabet.  By the time I got to the s’s (well, a lot earlier than that, actually) I was definitely skimming and it was much harder to capture my attention.

Second, the title can’t be generic.  I didn’t even check out blogs that were something like “My Genealogy” or “My Family Tree.”  I needed a reason to click on that title.  Several blog titles are a play on words, some seem to hint at a soap opera connection, but they had to be really clever to get me to click.  One that really grabbed me was “Help!  The Faery Folk Hid My Ancestors!”  That title let me know that the blog would be about Irish ancestors — but it also hinted at a creativity and sense of humor that I want to read.

So back to my topic.  I want to write about surviving the recession (or any downturn in your discretionary income), and what I am doing to continue my search and work on my family history.   I’ve found out that it’s not only possible, it can be fun.  It can also be incredibly frustrating, but sometimes this leads to finding other avenues of research that I might not have taken the time to find.

“Surviving…” as a topic is out.  Too far down the alphabet.  “I survived…” is better but maybe not, because after all I’m still surviving and we don’t know when this recession is going to be over!  And, who knows, I may find that I actually like this way of doing genealogy.

But before I can talk about what I’ve done, what I’ve learned, what I’ve learned not to do, I have to have a title for my blog.  I’d like to hear from others what tips they have to keep practicing genealogy when funds are tight.  And that can’t happen unless I think of a title that lets people find my blog.

“A Genealogist’s Guide to the Universe, on a Budget”?  No.  “A Survival Guide to Genealogy in a Recession”?  Definitely not.  “1 person’s travel through Genealogy Without Subscriptions”?  Nope.  “Back to Basics:  Genealogy on a Budget” — not quite what I had in mind either.

I thought I wanted a reference to the Great Depression, but my daughter suggested that instead I show the connection to my 1800s Midwestern roots.  So I looked at phrases and quotes and finally went to online “cliché” sites.  After a great deal of back and forth – and a lot more time than I would have thought it would take to find a blog title – I’m happy with my choice.

I explain why I chose the title on the tab following “About Me.”  Let me know what you think.  Hopefully, since you are here reading this, it has done its job – you found it intriguing enough to click!  I hope you’ll come back often and share your own Genealogy travels through the Recession.


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