Finding an Idea For my Blog

Last week-end I set up Google Reader and added LOTS of genealogy blogs to it.  I read many in the process of selecting ones for Google Reader; and I learned several things:

1)  The title matters!
         A generic title just isn’t going to cut it.  I found myself looking for titles that sounded like the blog would be a) Tips, especially organizing or writing; b) about a location I am interested in; c) about a surname I am interested in; or d) by a “famous” person (i.e. a blog I already knew or from the Top 40).
2)  The topic matters!
          See #1.  The title drew me in to try out a blog, but the topic kept me there.  I wasn’t interested in the blogs that combine genealogy with cooking, and I wasn’t all that interested in just someone’s angst over their search.  I needed more.
3)   I think I found my niche!
            Reading all of these blogs gave me an idea.  Before starting on the path of “cousin bait,” where I might blog about my lines, I can write about my experience in “surviving” the recession without my subscriptions.
          My husband calls it “genealogy on the cheap.”  I’d like to come up with a classier term for it — and talk about my experience in going from someone who never thought she would be without a subscription to Ancestry and probably not without fold3 (I still think of it as footnote) or the NEHGS.
          But (after the initial mourning stage) I have learned to appreciate the free things in the genealogy world — and also to work around not having easy access to the Ancestry databases.  No, this doesn’t always work, but I’ve been surprised how often I can continue my research and fill in the blanks.
          I’ve also found out lots of things I might not have known about:  free webinars, lots of things that I can write about as I go along.
          So now….on to that title!
P.S.  Yes, I know that I have a title — but bear with me, pretend if you can; I want to take you through my thought process.  And let you know a little more about me!

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